Mclane Church

Serving Project Small Group Questions

So your small group has decided to break out of the normal routine of weekly meetings. You are going to meet together and tackle a community project, visit a nursing home, help in the kitchen at church. How do you capitalize on the experience? How can you make the serve more than just a task-based event on your group members' calendar?

Former Erie site pastor Paul Macosko has provided a list of questions that you can use the next time your group gets together.  It's a great way to reflect on what happened to your group members and their perspective on that experience.

  1. Have each member who went on the serve talk about a memorable/poignant/humorous moment during the project.
  2. What were your thoughts or feelings before we served?
  3. Was there anything particularly difficult for you about the project?
  4. What did you learn about yourself, our group, or our city as a result of participating in the project?
  5. Our church's mission is to "Eliminating barriers to give people access to Jesus Christ." How you feel doing service projects furthers that mission?
  6. Do you think our group should go back to the same place or try something different for our next project?

Can you add to this list of questions?  Feel free to post comments with this article to provide ways to build on and improve this idea.