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If your group has been wondering how to serve together in our region, one of the best ways to do this is jumping on board with ServErie. You can sign up as an individual, or as an entire group. They do all the organizing of the projects, and all you and your group needs to do is show up, ready to get to work.  So, what is ServErie? 

ServErie is a community renewal program spearheaded by churches across the Erie area.  Our desire is to connect willing volunteers with specific neighborhoods and organizations who are poised to serve those in need in our city.  Our dream is to see the statistics associated with poverty, homelessness, teen pregnancy, high school dropout rates, etc. begin to go down instead of up. We believe that as hundreds of individuals, families, groups, and churches come together and adopt neighborhoods and agencies that eventually we can blanket the whole city with the love and hope of the gospel.

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