Mclane Church

Messier Than Expected

When my husband and I started attending a new church in 2011, we knew we wanted to be in a small group. But we don't just like our small group; we've fallen in love. Our church is highly missional, and the mission is lived out through small groups. The group members always have their eyes open for opportunities to bless others. It's been a growing experience for us. We've been stretched out of our comfort zones, and we're compelled to look for opportunities to care and serve. If there's one thing I've learned about being missional, though, it's that it's messy. It doesn't fall into neat boxes. It doesn't stick to normal lines. It doesn't even have a clear cause and effect. Regardless, though, there's a definite sense that you're doing what God calls his followers to do: show the love of Jesus to others.

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