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Icebreakers - Opening Up Your Group Members

So...your group meeting is coming together - folks are arriving and settling in.  Everyone's had a full day and most of them are a bit tired.  Maybe some even gave thought to not coming to group because of how their day went.  Their minds are elsewhere...and they are anything but focused on the small group discipleship material that you have planned for the evening.

How do you get folks gathered not only physically in one place, but also mentally on the same page?  Icebreakers are one good way to help you to do this.

The idea behind an icebreaker is to get all the members of the group contributing to a discussion on a light topic that is easily entered into.  There are no deep or heavy fact, many of the best icebreakers are just the opposite.  They require little thought, but are often fun and provide a chance for the group members to share some non-threatening information about themselves.  In this way, the group gets to know each other a little better while they share some laughs, memories, or even participate in a fun activity.

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There are numerous resources for you to tap into for ideas on how to get your small group meeting off the ground.  The book pictured to the right is one you may already own.  If not, we have copies in the GroupLife Center for you to take.  In the book by Bill Donahue are more than three pages of ice breaker ideas for you to consider using.  Below we have listed a number of links to other websites which have icebreaker activities as well.

Remember, a primary goal of the icebreaker time is to get EVERYONE involved, so that they will be ready to participate in the main group discussion that is to follow.  If you notice that anyone in your group is holding back, don't be afraid to prompt them to join into the discussion by asking them what their thoughts are on the icebreaker topic.

We'd love to know how if any of these icebreakers are particularly good ones, so feel free to leave your comments below.  Thanks!