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How to easily send video files over the Internet

When you take a picture with your camera phone, it’s a simple matter to attach it to an email or send it in a text message to someone. However, since videos are a compilation of many, many images, the file size quickly becomes too large to send in this fashion. We want to give you an easy and FREE way to send your videos (up to 2GB in size) to us.

1. The first thing you need to do is to get a free app, available on either iOS or Android. It is called Collect, by WeTransfer. This is what it looks like in the App Store. Step1
Step2 2. After you have downloaded the app to your phone, open it up.  You will come to a “Welcome to Collect” screen. There will be several opening slides that you can look through, or just hit the “skip” button and move to the next page.
3. On this page, click the + button. Step3
Step4 4. The next page will ask you what you want to add.  Select Photos or Videos.

5. The following page will ask you to give permission for the app to access your photos in order to share them.  Click on the “OK” button.
6. The next page will be your photos/videos.  Select the video that you wish to share with us. Then click “Add”. Step6
Step7 7. The app will now indicate that your video has been added to your items.  This means that your video has been transferred to the WeTransfer servers so that it can be shared with us (or whomever you wish to share video files with as well).

Click the “Share Now” link.
8. This page will come up. You have the option of clicking on the “Tap to copy share link.” If you choose this option, the link to the video will be on your clipboard and you can paste it into an email or text message.

Alternatively, you can click on the “Mail” icon and it will bring up your email client with the link already in the body of the email.
Step9 9. At this point, you can address the email to, fill in the subject line, and add a message below the video link. Then click “Send.”
Note that this is providing us with a link to your video on the WeTransfer servers, it is not sending your video as an attachment to the email.
10. After you send the video, the app may take you to a page that asks if you want to save the content as a board.  You can just click the “X” and exit out of this page. You do not need to create a board with the app for our purposes. Step10

You’re all done!  Great work! We’ll be in touch with you to confirm that your video has been received.

Thanks for taking the time to go through this process to send us your selfie video.  

We look forward to sharing it on our social media pages!