Mclane Church

Conflict Within and Between Couples

Picture this: it's Saturday night at couples' small group. Everyone has filled their plates and is sitting around munching and making nice conversation, when suddenly out of nowhere the embarrassing zinger, the digging barb, the snide remark sails across the room and smacks someone squarely on the cheek. Awkward!

So what's a group to do? Deal with it, says Sherry Burnham, Director of Small Groups at Lincolnway Christian Church in New Lenox, IL.

No matter how you slice it, confronting someone's hurtful words or actions is difficult, even if you know and love the person well. According to Burnham: "It's natural instinct for most people to avoid conflict. In fact, people will go to great lengths to avoid conflict. They think, 'If I ignore it, it will go away.'" But it doesn't.