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The Power of Forgiveness

The topic of our first message in the "Teachings that Got Him Killed" series is forgiveness.  You may want to expand on the small group curriculum with some of the material in this article by Keri Wyatt Kent from

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Jesus often told people, "Your sins are forgiven." What a stunning statement. Forgiveness is powerful. Unforgiveness can also be powerful: when we refuse to forgive those who have wronged us, we ironically and powerfully hurt ourselves. Lewis Smedes once said, "Forgiving is the only way to be fair to yourself. Would it be fair to you that the person who hurt you once goes on hurting you the rest of your life? When you refuse to forgive, you are giving the person who walloped you once the privilege of hurting you all over again—in your memory."

Beyond the healing that forgiving someone who wronged us brings to our hearts, it is also commanded in Scripture.