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Setting the Stage for Your Group Members

A wonderful email popped into my in basket a while ago that impressed me.  It was from Andrea Myers to the members of the women's small group that she was leading at that time.  She was getting ready to restart the group following the summer break.  With her permission, I want to share it with you as a great example of how all of us can help our groups ramp up to be ready to move into the next study.

Hi Everyone,

 We will be starting our ladies bible study this Thursday, September 19 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at my house. If you have not already purchased the book, you can purchase it online using the link below.  2 Peter is a very short book.  If you can, please read through all of 2 Peter (there are only 3 chapters) before we meet on Thursday.  Study 1 is entitled "The Finish Line (overview)".

 I just wanted to set the stage a little for you. Hopefully, this helps to understand the book a little better:

  • The Apostle Peter was the author of the book (although this has been disputed, because of this, 2 Peter was the last book admitted to the canon of the New Testament Scriptures)
  • The audience was the church at large
  • The book was written approximately A.D. 67

Peter wrote this book kind of like "his last will and testament" that he might preserve a record of what he believed.  His fear was that as the church grew and got further away from the death and resurrection of Jesus that it might not be good.  We might want to think of 2 Peter as the "original recipe".... the grassroots of our church...what Peter (the closest apostle to Jesus) thought the church should look like and what should be at the core of our faith.Have a good week and I'll see you on Thursday,


Thanks, Andrea, and a tip of the hat to all of you who are going the extra mile to help your group members better understand the background of the Scripture that you are studying.  Contextual information is one way to make the Bible resonate with readers who are less familiar with God's Word.  All good study Bibles have this kind of material in them at the beginning of each book.

If you don't have a study Bible, you may purchase a copy of the one we are selling at the Welcome Center for $25. How about your group?  Have you tried any ideas to help your gang have success with your study?  Maybe you supplemented the study guide with additional resources.  Perhaps you used a video to enhance key aspects of the material you were reading.  Or maybe a music video helped bring a worship component into your group time.  What creative ideas have you tried out that you can share with us and the other group leaders who are reading this? Let us know by dropping an email to