Mclane Church

How's Your Group's Attendance?

By: Sam O'Neal

This is a common problem, and usually happens when small groups begin to cool off from their initial period of connection and growth. Let me give you three things to think about.

First, don't be hesitant to bring this situation to the attention of the group as a whole. Here's a little excerpt from the Small Group Leaders' Handbook that gives some great advice:

Over a stretch of time it is not uncommon for groups to lose their focus and grow sloppy in aspects of their group life. Often, as a result, members will become uneasy with the loss of momentum. These times are critical junctures in the group's life. The group can either continue to deteriorate or choose to "clean up its act."

... Often it is the leader who recognizes the problem. It is much healthier to address it than to pretend it doesn't exist or hope it will simply disappear. It takes courage to talk about it with the group, but God will frequently use such frank discussions to trigger a time of spiritual renewal. Go for it; it's worth it!